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Yesterday the adventure took us to Munich to the best place to drink beer. Octoberfest!!! It was a blast & Munich is a very nice city to walk around and see all the different sights and smells. It has been a great trip so far, I am not looking forward to the school part of my trip but we should find out are schedule tomorrow when we arrive at the college. Then we can start planing out our trips around Europe :)

So far this place is great! The food is awesome, the beer is great, and the people are so friendly even though I stick out like an American lol. I have had a little problem with the language but I think I am picking it up faster now that I am here actually speaking it. I find it funny that they mostly listen to American music here so that is a nice change of pace from only speaking German.

On Sundays there is nothing open but we did find a BK that was open. There was a festival in town so we checked it out...not sure what it was for but it kind of reminded me of a farmers market from back home. I ended up getting a nice passport wallet that is hand made leather for a good price. Found out there is a lot of Germans that are a fan of American muscle cars! I saw one of the best restoration jobs on a 66 Chevy pickup, everything was mint and clean on it. There was a couple of Camaro SS cars too. I saw something pretty funny at the Burger King we ate at, as we sit down with are food we watch as a kid around the age of 10 walks in to the restaurant with his mom holding a cat!! They sat down and the kid had the cat sitting next to him on the table as he ate lol. Crazy stuff that would not happen in America.

Last night in the hotel before we go to the college and start are orientation for are classes. we found a pretty cool vending machine that I personally think we should have in America...a vending machine that serves beer!!! It is not every day you see that see that lol.

Till next time,

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The Wander

Trip to the Hotel

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The flight was long but everything went well!

A couple of things that happened was on our first flight we had a lady freak out and tried jumping out of the plane when we was waiting on the tarmac due to a back up on are terminal. that was entertaining to say the least lol.

The big flight was great I watched a few movies had a lot of free food, probably to much but it was good lol. They gave us a a free blanket and pillow that I did not use, I just stayed up the whole flight.

When we arrived in Munich we had a little confusion finding the train station, we had to take a bus to the station but did not know it for a while but we finally made it to are hotel after a short 1 hour walk a crossed town toting all of are luggage...now that was a fun time especially when my wheel on my suitcase over heated the bearing and melted the wheel!!! So i had to carry all of my luggage the last mile of our walk. next time we will plan the trip before we wander around the town looking for the hotel.

Our hotel is great it has a pretty nice view and it is very clean & great hosts! Clint & I took advantage of the free breakfast this morning when Cole slept in a little bit this morning. Last night we had our first beer in Germany as I enjoyed it with my pepper & salami pizza! It is hard to order off a menu that is in German and you only know a couple words hahaha but I liked the food I ate :)

We plan on doing some wandering around Ergolding today, saw a billiards bar we plan on checking out and seeing what is around town!!

Stay tuned for more events happing,
Brandon :)

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The Start

Getting Ready

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Time is going by fast as we get ready for the trip to start, just 9 days away from the flight to Munich, Germany!!

As a quick note I am know to my college buddies as "Coach". You will see that nickname be used a lot on here.

I will be posting the pictures and little stories of the adventures we have as they happen & when I have time to update the Blog.

Stay tuned as the trip unfolds starting September 26th!

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